Standing on Business: Decoding the Meme Taking Over Social Media

The phrase “standing on business” has exploded across TikTok and other social media platforms. But what exactly does it mean? This post dives deep into the origins, meaning, variations, and hilarious applications of the “stand on business” meme.

From Vine to Viral: The Origins of the Meme

The roots of “standing on business” can be traced back to a 2016 Vine by comedian Druski. In the short clip, Druski stands confidently with the phrase muttered under his breath. While the Vine itself didn’t gain widespread recognition, the phrase simmered online for years before resurfacing in 2023 on TikTok.

The Meaning of “Standing on Business”

On the surface, “standing on business” signifies confidence and being in control. It implies someone is taking care of their responsibilities, pursuing their goals, and generally “adulting” effectively. However, the meme often injects humor by juxtaposing this confidence with everyday situations that might not necessarily be “business.”

Different Ways to Stand on Business

Asserting dominance: A student acing a test or someone getting a great parking spot can be declared “standing on business.”

Overcoming challenges: Dealing with a tough situation or conquering a personal hurdle qualifies as “standing on business.”

Looking good, feeling good: Feeling confident and put-together is definitely a way to “stand on business.”

Sarcastic self-awareness: Sometimes, the meme is used playfully to mock oneself for taking something mundane too seriously.

Standing on Business with Style: Popular Remixes

The meme has spawned countless remixes and adaptations. Videos often feature the phrase alongside upbeat music and confident poses. There are also humorous edits featuring unexpected characters “standing on business,” like cats or historical figures.

Is There a Right Way to Stand on Business?

Absolutely not! The humor lies in the unexpectedness and individual interpretations. Feel free to get creative and express your own unique way of “standing on business.”


So, the next time you ace a presentation, rock a killer outfit, or simply conquer a personal challenge, remember, you’re “standing on business!” This lighthearted meme is a fun way to celebrate your successes (big or small) and share a laugh with the online community.


  • Do I have to be in a business suit to stand on business?

Nope! The meme transcends attire.

  • Can I stand on non-business things?

Of course! The humor often comes from the unexpectedness.

  • Is the meme always positive?

While confidence is the core, it can also be used playfully to mock taking something mundane too seriously.

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