Mastering Your Moveset: A Guide to the Pixelmon Move Relearner

In the exciting world of Pixelmon, your Pokémon companions are vital to your adventures. But what happens when they forget essential moves or miss out on valuable skills? That’s where the Move Relearner comes in, offering a second chance to unlock their full potential. So, dust off your Poké Balls and join us as we explore the secrets of this helpful NPC:

Finding Your Move Guru

The Move Relearner doesn’t have a fixed location, but they tend to roam freely in mountainous, plains, and ice plains biomes. Alternatively, you can use the server operator’s tools or specific mods to spawn them closer. Look for a friendly NPC with the telltale text “Move Relearner” above their head.

What Moves Can Be Relearned?

Any move your Pokémon could naturally learn through level-up is fair game, as long as they haven’t already forgotten it. Remember, TMs and HMs are always readily available and don’t need relearning. But egg moves, acquired through breeding, can also be rediscovered, offering valuable strategies!

Is There a Cost?

By default, the Move Relearner is free to use, allowing you to experiment and readjust your strategies without financial worries. However, some servers might implement custom costs or limitations, so double-check the server rules before heading there.

The Power of Reminders

Not sure which move to forget or prioritize? Fear not! The Move Relearner allows you to browse your Pokémon’s entire movepool, even forgotten moves, helping you make informed decisions and choose the ideal combination for your battle plans.

Beyond Level-Ups

Remember those awesome egg moves your perfect Pokémon forgot? Well, the Move Relearner brings them back! As long as the Pokémon was bred with the egg move and later forgot it, the relearner can restore this valuable skill, opening up strategic possibilities that were previously lost.

Community Tips and Tricks

The Pixelmon community is full of passionate trainers! Share your experiences, seek advice on forgotten moves or optimal strategies, and learn from others who have mastered the art of relearning. Look for dedicated forums, online communities, or even in-game chats to tap into this collaborative wisdom.


The Move Relearner isn’t just a helpful NPC, it’s a strategic asset. By understanding its function, mastering its possibilities, and tapping into the vast knowledge of the Pixelmon community, you can ensure your Pokémon companions have the perfect moveset for any challenge. So, get out there, explore the diverse biomes, find your Move Guru, and embark on a journey of strategic evolution! Remember, trainers, a well-rounded movepool and informed choices can make all the difference in your Pixelmon adventures.


  • Q: Do all servers have a Move Relearner?

A: While the Move Relearner is standard in Pixelmon, its presence and accessibility might vary depending on individual servers. Always check the server rules or ask administrators for specific information.

  • Q: Can I relearn moves forgotten before I even owned the Pokémon?

A: No, the Move Relearner can only revive moves your Pokémon could potentially learn during its lifetime. Moves from previous trainers or encounters are sadly not accessible.

  • Q: Can I relearn HMs once deleted?

A: Yes! Remember, HMs aren’t part of the Move Relearner’s system. You can always reacquire them from Poké Marts or specific locations within the game world.

  • Q: Where can I find more Pixelmon community resources?

A: Numerous online forums, dedicated websites, and even in-game chat communities cater to Pixelmon enthusiasts. Explore platforms like Pixelmon Forums, Reddit communities like r/Pixelmon, or server-specific forums to connect with fellow trainers and share your expertise!

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