Is Lowe’s Going Out of Business Here’s What You Need to Know

While there have been some store closures and a shift in focus, Lowe’s isn’t going out of business entirely. Here’s a breakdown of the recent changes and Lowe’s overall health:

Recent Changes at Lowe’s

Store Closures: In 2019, Lowe’s closed underperforming stores in the US and Canada. They also recently sold their entire Canadian business in 2022.

Shifting Focus: Lowe’s is focusing on strengthening its core business in the United States and prioritizing its online presence.

Is Lowe’s Doing Okay Financially?

  • Lowe’s has reported consistent sales growth and strong profit margins in the US.
  • Selling their Canadian operations allowed them to streamline their business model and improve overall profitability.

What Does This Mean for Customers?

  • Some locations may have closed, but Lowe’s has a vast network of stores across the US.
  • You can still shop online for all your home improvement needs with convenient delivery and pickup options.
  • The company is likely to invest in improving the in-store experience as well.

What About Lowe’s Employees?

  • During store closures, Lowe’s offered transfer opportunities to nearby locations for impacted employees.
  • The focus on the US market may create new job opportunities within the company.

Looking Ahead for Lowe’s

  • Lowe’s appears to be in a strong position with a focus on its core US business and a growing online presence.
  • They’ll likely continue to adapt to the changing retail landscape and customer needs.


Lowe’s is undergoing some changes, but they are not going out of business. They’re focusing on their core US market and online presence, which seems to be a successful strategy. So, for your next home improvement project, Lowe’s remains a reliable option.


  • Q: Why did Lowe’s close some stores?

A: The closures were due to underperformance and a strategic decision to streamline operations.

  • Q: Can I still shop at Lowe’s?

A: Yes, Lowe’s has a large network of stores in the US and a robust online platform.

  • Q: Is Lowe’s planning more closures?

A: There haven’t been any recent announcements of widespread closures. However, Lowe’s may evaluate individual stores as needed.

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