Demystifying the Process: Business Registration in Cambodia

Cambodia’s economy is flourishing, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to establish a business presence in this Southeast Asian nation, understanding the business registration process is crucial. This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the steps and get your venture up and running smoothly.

Choosing Your Business Structure: The First Step

The first step in registering your business in Cambodia is selecting the most suitable legal structure. Here are the common options:

Sole Proprietorship: Simplest structure, ideal for small businesses with a single owner.

Branch Office: For existing foreign companies to establish a local presence.

Representative Office: Limited functionality, suitable for market research and liaison activities.

Limited Liability Company (LLC): Most popular choice, offering liability protection for owners.

Embrace Efficiency: Online Registration Makes it Easier

The Cambodian government has streamlined the business registration process through an online platform. The Ministry of Commerce’s Cambodia Business Registration Portal: allows you to register your company electronically, saving time and resources.

Documentation Done Right: What You’ll Need

  • Proposed company name and a fee for reservation.
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA) outlining the company’s purpose and structure.
  • Articles of Association (AOA) detailing internal governance rules.
  • Identification documents for directors and shareholders.
  • Proof of registered office address in Cambodia.

MoC: Additional Registrations Depending on Your Business

While registering with the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is a primary step, some businesses may require additional registrations with other government entities:

  • General Department of Taxation (GDT): For obtaining a tax identification number.
  • Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT): For work permits and labor regulations.
  • Other Relevant Ministries: Depending on your industry, specific permits or licenses may be required.

Seeking Professional Help: Consider Engaging a Business Consultant

The Cambodian business registration process can involve complexities, particularly for foreign investors. Consulting a reputable business registration consultant can provide valuable guidance and ensure a smoother process.

Embrace Transparency: Annual Filings and Compliance

Once registered, maintaining good standing with the Cambodian authorities requires annual filings and adhering to tax regulations.


By understanding the steps involved and utilizing the available resources, registering a business in Cambodia can be a successful endeavor. With its online system and growing economy, Cambodia presents a promising landscape for your entrepreneurial ventures. Remember, this guide serves as a starting point, and consulting with legal and business professionals is always recommended to ensure a smooth and compliant registration process.


  • How long does the business registration process take?

The online system can expedite registration to 8-10 working days, though additional registrations may add time.

  • What are the costs involved?

Fees vary depending on the chosen business structure and additional registrations.

  • Do I need a visa to register a business?

Foreigners typically require a business visa to register and operate a company.

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