RDGL Stock: A Potential Investment Opportunity for Biotech Enthusiasts

If you are interested in biotechnology and medical innovation, you may want to take a look at RDGL stock. RDGL is the ticker symbol for Vivos Inc., a company that develops and commercializes a novel therapy for treating cancerous tumors in animals and humans. In this post, I will tell you more about RDGL stock, its history, its product, and its prospects.

The History of RDGL Stock

RDGL stock belongs to Vivos Inc., a company that was founded in 1986 as Radco Industries Inc. The company changed its name to Vivos Inc. in 2010, and its ticker symbol to RDGL in 2011. The company is based in Richland, Washington, and is led by Michael Korenko, the president and CEO.

Vivos Inc. is focused on developing and commercializing IsoPet, a proprietary therapy that uses radioisotopes to deliver targeted radiation to cancerous tumors. IsoPet is based on the research of Dr. Alice Villalobos, a renowned veterinarian and oncologist who pioneered the field of palliative care for pets with cancer. IsoPet is designed to be safe, effective, and minimally invasive for both animals and humans.

Vivos Inc. has been conducting clinical trials and studies on IsoPet for various types of tumors in dogs, cats, horses, and humans. The company has received positive results and feedback from veterinarians, pet owners, and patients who have used IsoPet. The company has also obtained several patents and certifications for IsoPet, as well as collaborations and partnerships with other institutions and organizations.

The Product of RDGL Stock

RDGL stock represents the potential value of IsoPet, the flagship product of Vivos Inc. IsoPet is a therapy that uses radioisotopes to deliver targeted radiation to cancerous tumors. Radioisotopes are atoms that emit radiation as they decay. IsoPet uses yttrium-90 (Y-90), a radioisotope that has a high energy and a short half-life of 64 hours. This means that Y-90 can deliver a powerful dose of radiation to the tumor in a short time, while minimizing the exposure to the surrounding healthy tissues.

IsoPet works by injecting Y-90 microspheres into the tumor through a catheter or a syringe. The microspheres are tiny particles that are coated with a biodegradable polymer that contains Y-90. The microspheres are designed to stay within the tumor and release Y-90 gradually over time. The Y-90 radiation kills the tumor cells by damaging their DNA and preventing them from dividing. The microspheres are eventually absorbed by the body without causing any harm.

IsoPet has several advantages over other conventional therapies for treating tumors, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or external beam radiation. IsoPet is:

  • Safe: IsoPet does not cause any significant side effects or complications for the animal or human patient. IsoPet also does not pose any risk of radiation exposure for the veterinarian or physician who administers it.
  • Effective: IsoPet can shrink or eliminate the tumor in most cases, improving the quality and quantity of life for the patient. IsoPet can also prevent or delay the recurrence or metastasis of the tumor.
  • Minimally invasive: IsoPet does not require any surgery or anesthesia for the patient. IsoPet can be administered in an outpatient setting, without any hospitalization or recovery time.

The Prospects of RDGL Stock

RDGL stock has been trading on the OTCQB market since 2011. The stock price has fluctuated between $0.04 and $0.12 per share in the past year, with an average volume of 309,000 shares per day. As of August 14, 2023, the stock price was $0.0539 per share, with a market cap of $19.9 million.

RDGL stock has been attracting attention from investors and analysts who see the potential of IsoPet as a breakthrough therapy for treating tumors in animals and humans. Some of the factors that could boost the value of RDGL stock are:

  • Regulatory approval: Vivos Inc. is seeking approval from the FDA and other regulatory agencies to market IsoPet for various indications in animals and humans. The company has already received approval from some state agencies and veterinary boards to use IsoPet for compassionate use or investigational purposes.
  • Market demand: Vivos Inc. estimates that there is a large and growing market demand for IsoPet in both veterinary and human oncology. The company estimates that there are over 6 million new cases of cancer in dogs and cats each year in the US alone, and over 18 million new cases of cancer in humans worldwide. The company believes that IsoPet can offer a better alternative to the current therapies available for these patients.
  • Competitive edge: Vivos Inc. claims that IsoPet is the only therapy of its kind that uses Y-90 microspheres to treat tumors in animals and humans. The company also claims that IsoPet has superior performance, safety, and convenience compared to other therapies that use different radioisotopes or delivery methods.


RDGL stock is a potential investment opportunity for biotech enthusiasts who are interested in a novel therapy for treating cancerous tumors in animals and humans. RDGL stock belongs to Vivos Inc., a company that develops and commercializes IsoPet, a therapy that uses radioisotopes to deliver targeted radiation to the tumor. IsoPet is safe, effective, and minimally invasive, and has shown positive results in clinical trials and studies. IsoPet also has a large and growing market demand, and a competitive edge over other therapies.

If you want to learn more about RDGL stock or Vivos Inc., you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check their stock price, news, and other information on Google Finance or Yahoo Finance.

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