Maine Oxy: A Trusted Partner for Gases, Welding, and Innovative Solutions

If you are looking for a reliable and professional supplier of gases, welding equipment, and innovative solutions in New England, you may want to consider Maine Oxy. Maine Oxy is a company that has been serving the region since 1929 with quality products and services. In this post, I will introduce you to the history, products, and services of Maine Oxy, and why you should choose them as your partner.

The History of Maine Oxy

Maine Oxy was founded in 1929 in Auburn, Maine by Joseph Montalvo. He started the company with a single oxygen cylinder and a vision to provide gases and welding supplies to local businesses. Over the years, the company grew and expanded into multiple states with 17 branches. Today, Maine Oxy is still a family-owned and operated business that is committed to helping its customers succeed.

Maine Oxy has also diversified its products and services to meet the changing needs of the market. In addition to gases and welding supplies, Maine Oxy also offers specialty gases, medical gases, propane, dry ice, safety equipment, rentals, repairs, training, and more. Maine Oxy also operates one of the largest independent specialty gas laboratories in New England, called SpecAir.

The Products and Services of Maine Oxy

Maine Oxy offers a wide range of products and services for various industries and applications. Here are some of them:

  • Gases: Maine Oxy provides industrial gases, specialty gases, medical gases, propane, dry ice, and more. You can order cylinders, bulk tanks, or microbulk systems according to your needs. You can also rely on Maine Oxy’s delivery service and inventory management system to ensure you always have enough gas supply.
  • Welding: Maine Oxy provides welding equipment, consumables, accessories, and safety gear for all your welding needs. You can find products from leading brands such as Miller, Lincoln Electric, ESAB, Hypertherm, Victor Technologies, and more. You can also rent or repair your welding equipment at Maine Oxy’s branches.
  • Innovative Solutions: Maine Oxy provides innovative solutions for various challenges and opportunities in different industries. For example, Maine Oxy can help you with metalworking projects such as cutting, bending, forming, machining, and finishing. Maine Oxy can also help you with food and beverage applications such as carbonation, freezing, chilling, packaging, and preservation. Maine Oxy can also help you with cannabis cultivation such as CO2 enrichment, extraction, purification, and testing.

Why You Should Choose Maine Oxy

Maine Oxy is more than just a supplier of gases and welding equipment. It is also a trusted partner that can help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges. Here are some reasons why you should choose Maine Oxy:

  • Experience: Maine Oxy has over 90 years of experience in the industry. It has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the best products and services for your needs.
  • Quality: Maine Oxy has a reputation for quality and excellence. It only provides products that meet or exceed industry standards and regulations. It also has a quality assurance program that ensures consistent performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Service: Maine Oxy has a customer-centric approach that focuses on your needs and expectations. It has a team of friendly and professional staff that can assist you with any questions or issues. It also has a fast and reliable delivery service that can deliver your orders on time.
  • Community: Maine Oxy is a part of the community that it serves. It supports local causes and organizations that make a positive impact in the society. It also values its relationships with its customers, suppliers, employees, and stakeholders.


Maine Oxy is a company that provides gases, welding equipment, and innovative solutions in New England. It has a long history of quality service, a wide range of products and services, and a customer-oriented philosophy. If you want to learn more about Maine Oxy or contact them for your needs, you can visit their website or one of their locations.

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