Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Summoning Your Favorite Pokémon!

The world of Pixelmon combines the beloved Pokémon universe with the blocky charm of Minecraft, allowing you to embark on your own Pokémon journey within the game. But how do you get your team started? While exploring and encountering wild Pokémon is part of the thrill, sometimes you just want your favorite companion by your side right away. That’s where summoning comes in!

1. Knowing Your Options: Spawn Commands vs. Poké Balls

Pixelmon offers two main methods for summoning Pokémon:

  • Spawn Commands: These provide direct control, allowing you to spawn any Pokémon by name using specific commands.
  • Poké Balls: The classic Pokémon experience! Craft Poké Balls, encounter wild Pokémon, and catch them the traditional way.

2. Mastering the Spawn Commands: Your Inner Trainer

Ready to directly summon your dream team? Here’s how:

  1. Open the Chat Bar: Press “T” on your keyboard.
  2. Type the Command: Use the following format: /pokespawn <Pokémon Name>. For example, /pokespawn Charmander.
  3. Hit Enter: The chosen Pokémon will appear near you!

Bonus Tip: Want a shiny Pokémon? Add “s” after the Pokémon name. So, /pokespawn Charmanders will spawn a shiny Charmander!

3. Poké Ball Proficiency: The Traditional Capture Experience

Embrace the classic Pokémon journey by crafting Poké Balls and encountering wild Pokémon in their natural habitats. Explore different biomes, battle them, and weaken them before throwing your Poké Ball to capture them.

4. Basics: Exploring Advanced Options

Pixelmon offers additional functionalities for seasoned trainers:

  • Specify Level: Add “<level>” after the Pokémon name to set their level. For example, /pokespawn Pikachu 30.
  • Customize IVs: Use the /givepokemon command with advanced options for specific Individual Values.

5. Ethical Considerations: Respecting the Pixelmon Community

While summoning can be convenient, remember to respect the server rules and fellow players. Excessive or disruptive use of spawn commands can be unfair.


The choice between summoning and traditional capture boils down to personal preference. Both methods offer unique experiences: summoning provides instant gratification, while capturing wild Pokémon embodies the classic Pokémon adventure. Ultimately, the most important aspect is to have fun and respect the Pixelmon community. So, choose your path, Trainer, and remember that the heart of the Pokémon journey lies in exploration, discovery, and the bond between you and your Pokémon companions. Now, go forth, explore the world, and catch ’em all!


Q: Is summoning Pokémon allowed on all Pixelmon servers?

A: It depends on the server rules. Always check the server guidelines before using any commands.

Q: What are the limitations of summoning?

A: Some servers might restrict specific Pokémon or limit how many you can summon.

Q: Can I summon legendaries or Mythical Pokémon?

A: Again, server rules apply. Some servers might allow this, while others might require special events or achievements.

Q: Where can I find more information about Pixelmon commands and features?

A: Check the official Pixelmon website ( and relevant online communities for detailed guides and server-specific rules.

Q: What are some ethical considerations when using summoning commands?

A: Avoid spamming Pokémon, respect other players’ experience, and adhere to server rules to maintain a positive and fair gameplay environment.

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