Alkegen: A Specialty Materials Leader for a Greener Future

Alkegen is a global company that produces and provides high-performance specialty materials for various industries and applications. Alkegen was formed in January 2022 by the merger of two leading companies in the specialty materials sector: Unifrax and Lydall. Alkegen’s mission is to create solutions that address some of the world’s biggest challenges, such as climate change, energy efficiency, pollution reduction, and fire safety.

Alkegen’s Products and Services

Alkegen offers a wide range of products and services that serve different markets and customers. Some of its main product categories are:

  • Battery Technologies: Alkegen produces advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries, such as separators, anodes, cathodes, and electrolytes. These materials enable higher energy density, longer cycle life, and improved safety for battery applications in electric vehicles, consumer electronics, grid storage, and aerospace.
  • Electric Vehicles: Alkegen provides thermal management solutions for electric vehicles, such as battery thermal runaway shields, battery pack insulation, and cabin insulation. These solutions help to protect the battery and the passengers from extreme temperatures, fire hazards, and noise.
  • Filtration Media: Alkegen manufactures filtration media for air, liquid, and gas filtration. These media help to remove contaminants, pathogens, odors, and particulates from various environments, such as industrial processes, healthcare facilities, indoor spaces, and personal protective equipment.
  • Specialty Insulation: Alkegen develops specialty insulation materials for high-temperature applications, such as furnaces, kilns, boilers, engines, turbines, and pipes. These materials help to reduce heat loss, save energy, lower emissions, and enhance fire safety.

Alkegen’s Competitive Advantages and Growth Opportunities

Alkegen has several competitive advantages and growth opportunities that make it a leader in the specialty materials industry. Some of these are:

  • Innovation: Alkegen invests heavily in research and development to create new products and technologies that meet the evolving needs of its customers and markets. Alkegen has over 400 patents and patent applications worldwide and collaborates with leading universities and research institutions to foster innovation.
  • Sustainability: Alkegen is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship in its operations and products. Alkegen aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Alkegen also strives to increase the use of renewable energy sources, recycled materials, and biodegradable packaging in its production processes.
  • Expansion: Alkegen has a global presence and a diversified customer base across various regions and sectors. Alkegen operates over 60 manufacturing facilities in 17 countries and serves over 10,000 customers worldwide. Alkegen plans to expand its footprint and reach by entering new markets and geographies, such as Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa, etc.
  • Integration: Alkegen leverages the synergies and complementarities of its merged entities to offer more value-added solutions to its customers. Alkegen combines the expertise, capabilities, and resources of Unifrax and Lydall to create a more comprehensive product portfolio, a more efficient supply chain, a more responsive customer service, and a more attractive value proposition.


Alkegen is a specialty materials company that produces and provides solutions for various industries and applications that are focused on the future. Alkegen was formed by the merger of Unifrax and Lydall in January 2022. Alkegen’s products include battery technologies, electric vehicles, filtration media, and specialty insulation. Alkegen’s competitive advantages include innovation, sustainability, expansion, and integration. Alkegen’s vision is to create a greener future for the planet and its people by addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges.

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