AHRC Business Links: A Streamlined Resource for Direct Support Professionals

The AHRC Association of Habilitation and Rehabilitation Centers is a leading organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As part of their commitment, AHRC Nassau offers a valuable program called “Business Links” specifically designed to assist Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).

This blog post will delve into the various resources and functionalities offered through AHRC Business Links, making it a one-stop shop for DSPs to enhance their skills and stay informed.

1. Accessing Important Account Information

Business Links provides a secure platform for DSPs to access their AHRC Nassau account information. This includes viewing payslips, tax documents, and any relevant benefit details. This easy access eliminates the need for physical documents and ensures information is readily available.

2. Streamlined Training and Development

The platform offers a comprehensive library of training videos and resources. DSPs can access training modules on various topics, from essential caregiving skills to specific interventions for individuals with IDD. This allows for self-paced learning and continuous professional development.

3. Performance Evaluation Tools

Business Links features evaluation tools to track DSP performance. These tools might include self-assessment modules, manager evaluations, and core competency checklists. This streamlined approach facilitates clear communication and goal setting between DSPs and supervisors.

4. Secure Communication Channels

The platform provides a secure communication channel for DSPs to connect with AHRC Nassau staff. This could be for submitting questions, seeking clarification on policies, or requesting support. This ensures clear and documented communication for all parties involved.

5. Latest Industry Updates and Resources

Business Links serves as a valuable resource for staying updated on the latest industry developments and best practices. AHRC Nassau might share relevant news articles, policy changes, or upcoming events through the platform. This keeps DSPs informed and allows them to provide the best possible support.

6. Fostering a Supportive Community

Business Links can potentially foster a sense of community among DSPs. Through online forums or discussion boards (if offered), DSPs can connect with colleagues, share experiences, and offer peer-to-peer support. This can contribute to a more positive and collaborative work environment.


AHRC Business Links is an invaluable resource for Direct Support Professionals working within the AHRC Nassau organization. It offers a centralized location for accessing account information, training materials, performance evaluations, and industry updates. This streamlined platform empowers DSPs with the tools and support they need to excel in their roles and provide exceptional care to individuals with IDD.


  • Q: Is there a cost associated with using AHRC Business Links?

A: This information is not readily available in this blog post. It’s best to contact AHRC Nassau directly to inquire about any potential fees associated with Business Links.

  • Q: Do I need a special login to access AHRC Business Links?

A: Most likely, yes. Since Business Links provides access to personal account information and secure communication channels, a login and password would be standard practice.

  • Q: What if I don’t have access to a computer or reliable internet connection?

A: It’s recommended to contact AHRC Nassau directly to inquire about alternative methods for accessing account information or training materials if you don’t have access to a computer or internet. They might offer alternative solutions or printed resources.

  • Q: Does AHRC Business Links offer training specifically for my area of expertise?

A: The blog post mentions a comprehensive library of training resources. It’s likely AHRC Business Links offers a variety of training modules, but it’s best to explore the platform itself or contact AHRC Nassau to confirm if training specific to your area of expertise is available.

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